Slovenia and Ljubljana Flights

Slovenia is a country in Europe, which borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Adriatic Sea to its west. It is a member of the Schengen area, NATO and European Union. Its capital is the city of Ljubljana. Slovenia is a small country, but due to its geographic location near the Alps, it is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Since it is part of the Schengen Agreement, you do not need to take a special visa to enter Slovenia; your Schengen visa will suffice if you want to enter Slovenia. This also means that you do not need to necessarily enter the country directly if you want to go there. You can take a flight to nearby countries, and then enter Slovenia through land. If you drive your own car, you may have to buy a road tax, which is called a vignette in Slovenia. However, flying to Slovenia is pretty easy. The country has three international airports, which are connected with almost all major European capitals as well as international cities. The major international airport is located in the capital city of Ljubljana. This airport sees about 1.4 million passengers every year, which is quite large for such a small country. Its worthwhile to note that the total population of Slovenia is 2 million. The country is connected to the Adriatic sea by just one district or state. So the majority of the country is landlocked. It has a major airport in the western part of the country, and another international airport in the eastern part of the country too. Portoroz airport is located in the western part of the country, and the airport of Maribor Edvard Rusjan airport is in the eastern Slovenia. You can take a flight to these airports, from international cities as well as from European capitals.

Slovenia is connected with its neighboring countries through a very good network of roads and highways. So you can easily drive into Slovenia from any of its neighboring countries, i.e. Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary. This is interesting because in case you do not get a flight to any of the three international airports of Slovenia, you can easily take a flight to any of the cities that lie close to border with Slovenia, and then take a bus or car into Slovenia. This way you get the best of both worlds – you get to take a flight too, and you get to travel by land too, when going to Slovenia. One of the cities in the neighboring country of Austria that is close to border with Slovenia is Klagenfurt. So you can take a flight to Klagenfurt in Austria, and then drive into Slovenia. Since both the countries are in Schengen Agreement, you do not have to worry about visa, as long as you have a valid visa for Austria. Similarly, the city of Trieste in neighboring Italy is also close to the Slovenian border. You can take a flight into Trieste, and then take a bus or car into Slovenia. Another Italian airport that is close to Slovenia is the Treviso airport, that serves both Treviso as well as Venice. This airport can be reached by a flight, and then you can take a bus or car into Slovenia. We also recommend that you visit the city of Venice which is also nearby. A Croatian airport that is close to Slovenian border is the airport at the city of Pula. This airport is not as large as some other airports, but you may be able to get a flight to Pula, and then take a bus or car to Slovenia.

Whether you are taking a Slovenia flight or a Ljubljana flight, or a flight to some other airport in its neighboring countries, you will wish to take the cheapest flight you can. We have a few tips to help you take the cheapest flights. One of the best tips is to use the services of an agent. They are mostly able to get heavy discounts from airlines, so they do sometimes have some nice cheap tickets up their sleeves. When you are not using the services of an agent, the trick is to do a good search, and find out when can you get the cheapest flights. Normally, weekdays are much cheaper to fly on than weekends. Another thing to do is to be flexible with your travel destination. Since we have already mentioned at least seven airports, three in Slovenia and four in the neighboring countries, you do not have any reason to fly to just one airport. You should check the prices for all the seven destinations we mentioned, and then choose the one that is the lease expensive. This way you have more options when finding the cheapest alternative. Another trick is to check the local airlines when booking a ticket. Many a times the local airlines may have cheaper flights than one of the larger airlines. You may have to pay in the local currency, but as long as it is cheaper to do so, it should be the favored way to book a ticket if you want a cheaper ticket. Ljubljana flights are also easy to find because Slovenia has a national air carrier, as well as many smaller private airlines. So you could be able to find a direct flight to Ljubljana through any of such carriers. If not, you should be able to get a flight to any of the neighboring cities that we mentioned. In either case, you have a lot of choices when it comes to landing in Slovenia. You can land directly in Slovenia, or take a flight to the airports near to it, and then drive into the country. Slovenia is a great picture stamp of a country, nestled in the center of Europe, and connected to the Adriatic Sea with a small coast. It is sure to win your heart if you give it a chance. Stay a few days, and we are sure that you will definitely enjoy your stay a lot.

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