European entry doors are a big part of the European architecture although small in size

When you are travelling the Europe, you should pay attention to architecture there and how it can change from country to country. One of the main things you will notice are the European entry doors. The European entry doors are a small part that contributes to the whole architecture but they for sure leave some mark. The doors not only have the decorative purpose, they are also made for our safety. In Europe you can see classical, modern, historical and many more European entry doors style. the most known European entry doors style is a French door style.

Comparison between two European entry door styles

French doors are usually constructed with glass windows which allows light to shine trough. They are perfect for summer and they connect outdoors with indoors. They allow a lot of natural light to shine through which contributes to heating the rooms, and you also do not need that much lights during the day. This is just one of the benefits of French doors, they are also very elegant and beautiful. They can create a beautiful and aesthetical home. This are just one of the most known style of European entry doors that are really known all over the world and are not used just in Europe, but also across the sea. If we compare this French style doors with more northern countries, for example Scandinavian countries we can see that this is completely different European entry doors style. The Scandinavian door style is made to protect people from cold and wind so they do not usually have any windows. They are usually just plain maybe with some cut-out details, neutral colours and very minimalistic which is typical for the Scandinavian style. There are so many more European entry doors style, these two are maybe just a little bit more well-known in the rest of the world. If you are interested in learning more about the European entry doors you should definitely visit Europe and see them yourself!

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