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Tips for Effective Facebook Community Management

Whether the Facebook community is designed for marketing purposes, or for sharing and networking, some management tips can help maintain integrity and the purpose of the community. The tips below are designed to help maintain an effective Facebook community management.

Know and understand the rules

The community manager should understand the rules of the social media site, including the types of comments and information that may be deleted from members. The manager can periodically state the rules and remind members of what may happen if they don’t follow the rules. The rules of Facebook and rules of the community may support each other. The community manager can further create rules that reflect concern for safety and prevention of cyber bullying. Allowing members to humiliate or make fun of others isn’t helpful. It may prevent others from joining.

Recognize members

Whether the community will have 100 or 1,000 members, it’s helpful to recognize each member. This can be done with a welcoming statement, as each member joins. It also helps to recognize a member who contributes ideas and useful comments, as the actions occur. People want to know they belong. This is one motivation for joining a social media site community. They must be recognized as valuable and respected members.

Answer questions promptly

As a facebook community manager, you will need to answer any questions or inquiries within a reasonable time. Usually a response is expected within 24 hours. This is critical for communities focused on marketing. New members who have questions about products or services don’t want to wait. If they wait too long, they will take their business elsewhere. They may also share their negative experiences with other community members, who then may hesitate to purchase products or services promoted in the community.

Know the subject matter or industry

If the community is designed for sharing ideas, the manager must maintain a certain level of knowledge. Otherwise, members may take over and use the site for their own agenda. An authoritative voice helps take the site in the direction you want it to go. For marketing, it’s good to know what competitors are offering, so you can effectively promote the unique features of the products or services offered.

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