Telemark ski technique

Ski techniqueSkiing offers so many great ski techniques that it is almost impossible to choose to use just one. Telemark skiing, which is also know as free heel skiing, is not the most commonly used, but skiers that have gone telemark skiing say you are hooked instantly. The basic part of the telemark ski technique is the telemark turn. But a very important part of telemark skiing is also the equipment which is not your common ski equipment since the skis have a binding that only connects the boot to the ski at the toes.

The telemark turn

Telemark turns are led with the heel flat on the outside ski (the downhill ski at the end of the turn), while the inside (uphill) ski is pulled beneath the skier’s body with a flexed knee and raised heel. The skis are staggered but not quite parallel, and 50% to 60% of the body weight is distributed on the outside ski, depending on snow conditions.

The name

The Telemark ski technique is named after the Telemark region in Norway. The telemark ski technique and the parallel ski techniques were invented by the same skier. While the Telemark is part of early skiing foundation, parallel techniques are of equal importance.

Don’t loose control

The most important thing when choosing a ski technique is to know where our limits are and to not cross them. We must always be careful to not be too brave because this could lead to some serious injuries. It is better to take it slow and to gradually learn a ski technique or even choose to not use a certain ski technique, than to regret our decision for a very long and probably painful time.