Consider Rovinj when Visiting Croatia

Croatia has many sights and historical places of interest. Planning a trip to the region can be easier, if some key destinations are made part of the itinerary. There are many things to do and see in the region, including cycling, touring historical buildings, enjoying the beaches on the Adriatic Sea, diving, and taking in a music or dance show in one of the beautiful theaters in the region.

Rovinj is one destination in Croatia that visitors should consider. It offers plenty of activity for guests with varied interests. The beautiful white, sandy beaches of the Adriatic are ideal for those who enjoy coastal areas. Diving, biking along a designated path, and enjoying one of the city’s night clubs or restaurants are just a few activities on a long list.

When staying in Rovinj, an individual, couple, or family can stay at a boutique hotel like the Hotel Adriatic. This facility offers 18 suites, with views of the sea, St. Katrina Island, and the city center. Original art work is displayed on the walls and amenities include wireless internet access, smart TV, air conditioning, shower or bath, coffee and tea making stations, hair dryer, mini safe, mini bar, and parquet floors. Room interiors are designed with a modern touch, but also include traditional features, such as wood moulding and classic paint schemes. Visitors can choose from large suites or gallery loft suites accommodating two guests.

Rovinj is an ideal vacation setting for many reasons. The friendly and quaint village feel welcomes visitors to the area. The many sites and activities available to visitors help ensure a memorable stay. Modern amenities at the Hotel Adriatic make it easier for guests to focus on having fun while in Rovinj.

The location is ideal for those who want to be close to the water and want a sea view. The nearest beaches are within a 10 minute walk. Boats and ferries can take visitors to the beaches of St. Katrina or St. Andrew, to enjoy some sun or take a dip in the refreshing waters. Nearby Eden and Lone hotels offer guests the opportunity to take in shows, use the spa, or swim in the pool, for an extra fee. With the discounts and travel packages available, visitors will have plenty of money for the activities offered nearby.


Obtaining Amazing Vacation Experiences

Cost is one of the factors that people will often consider when attempting to begin the process of pulling a trip together that they are looking to enjoy. Typically, a husband would start the process of trip planning by looking into things such as plane tickets and arriving at a figure that would provide him with a good idea of just how much he would need to have available in the bank for the purpose of ensuring that the trip he is thinking about would be an experience that he has the financial ability to pull off. It is very common for people to simply do a bit of thinking about a vacation prior to deciding that it is out of their reach from a financial standpoint, this would translate into a decision that staying home is the only option they have. Instead, you would be able to take advantage of affordable pricing that is made available at some of the best hotel rovinj options on the market today.

Holding onto the idea that traveling has to be expensive is a practice that would only limit what you are able to do for yourself and the members of your family. When people are lead to believe this, they are forced to miss out on all of the amazing things that are made possible when you decide to head to another part of the world and see how others live. The first mistake that these travelers are making would be looking in the wrong places for savings on destinations that are intended as tourist hot spots.

If you have come to the point of realizing that you cannot afford to visit one of the areas that you have been looking at, this does not mean that you have to throw in the towel. Instead, you would be much better off deciding that you are willing to expand your search and visit locations based on what they have to offer. When you book these hotel rovinj options, you are going to get access to affordable travel and a variety of amazing experiences.


Winter Camping in Rovinj

Rovinj, Croatia is a great place to go camping. In the summer season, the city is packed with tourists from all over the world. In fact, you will find campers setting up their tents on beaches, roadsides, and in park areas. However, winter is a great time to visit the city as well. Winter camping may not seem desirable but it can be a great experience in the beautiful city of Rovinj

Preparing For Your Winter Camping Trip
1. Croatia is incredibly safe but do try not to travel alone. If you are not used to winter camping, we do urge you to take an experience friend with you.
2. Always check the weather forecast while traveling. Make sure you also check road and trail conditions as well. Try to avoid avalanche areas too.
3. Carry layers of clothing to prepare for the weather. We recommend you carry wear three different layers at all time. Start with a base layer of thermal underwear. Cover it with a middle layer that will act as an insulator and finally, cover up with an outer layer or windproof shell.
4. Remember to dry out your sleeping bag in the morning by turning it inside out. Choose bags with a black interior as it absorbs solar energy and dries out much faster than other bags.
5. If you are hiking or biking, make sure you cover all exposed areas with Vaseline to prevent chapping, windburn, and frostbite.

When To Travel For Your Winter Camping Trip
As Rovinj is located on the Mediterranean coast, it enjoys rains in the winter. Average summer temperatures may range from 4.8 °C in January to 22.3 °C in July. From May to September, the city receives about ten hours of sunlight everyday and rainfall is common. However, September to January is a wonderfully chilly time but it is perfect for winter camping. Rovinj offers a range of activities like winter hiking, Nordic walks, bike tours, music festivals, food festivals, workshops, winter sports and excursions in and around Istria. We recommend you use an expert website like to find a good winter camping site with great amenities to keep you occupied.



Food And Cultural Experiences

Food is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today, this is a form of communication that enables all boundaries to simply melt away. No matter who you are or where you grew up, you probably appreciate the feeling that having access to an amazing plate of food is going to provide. In fact, this is probably something that you have a great deal of first hand experience with when you are stressed out about things that you are supposed to handle at work, the simple thought of an enjoyable meal in the near future would often be something that reduces just how annoyed you allow yourself to become. The peaceful nature that is attached to being able to get food that you want would be enough to show you why it is so important to look for the best restaurant rovinj options in this part of the world.

The difference between a restaurant that is serving amazing food and one that is simply going to have you wish that you ate somewhere else may not be very obvious to someone that has not spent a significant amount of time navigating the culinary environment in this part of the world, but this is not something that you want to struggle with. The importance of avoiding any potential stress attached to your food is something that you should always keep in mind whenever you step foot into a new environment, you want to reduce the chance of having anything go wrong.

Since you do not have the ability to rely on natural instinct when it comes to plates of food that you should try, you may want to focus on some of the best restaurant rovinj options that you have access to. Once you are able to determine how to spot the best that is available within the market, you will be impressed with the variety that you are going to discover in this part of the world. Food is essential to travel, having an informed opinion about getting the best can significantly improve your experience of this culture.


Navigating Your Vacation in Croatia

When contemplating vacationing in Croatia, many find it becomes much more compelling as they learn more about its cities and history.

Croatia is known for its landscapes and rich heritage which makes it such a perfect vacation destination. There are sights to see, places to shop, and thrilling spots to dine and enjoy music. Tourists flock to Rovinj & Vrsar which are located on the Istrian peninsula; on the western coastline. With so much history, travelers may be impassioned with Croatia’s beauty and antiquity.

In the late 1700’s, Rovinj joined the Byzantine Empire and over the centuries was led by a series of aggressive leaders. Until World War I, Rovinj was part of the Austrian Empire, and then became part of Italy (from 1918 to 1947). Then, Rovinj was ceded to Croatia. With so much history, there is plenty of sightseeing and interesting facts to learn. As a first point of interest, many people visit Old Town to see the clock.

The Town Clock is located in Old Town, where the city began. The clock was built in the 12th century and is known for its Serenissima symbol of the Venetian lion. There is a modest fountain to see along with this prestigious clock. The largest monument to behold in the city of Rovinj is the Church of St. Euphemia.

The Church of St. Euphemia was restored between 1725 and 1736. Original construction began in 1651 and was completed 26 years later. Travelers may spend much time learning about what took place here while appreciating the splendid architecture. There is plenty of fun to be had in addition to the more serious interests.

For the adventurer, spend time scuba diving, on bike rides, or sailing on the waters. There is plenty of activity to fill the days and plenty of action to fill the nights.

Some of the best restaurants Rovinj has to offer include: Valentino Cocktail & Champagene Bar, Cocktail Bar Havana, and the Lighthouse Music Club. There is much energy in the restaurants Rovinj presents. The Lighthouse Club in particular has a reputation for being the most popular open air bar in Istra.

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Experience The Best Places In Rovinj

Searching for information by entering Places to see in Rovinj into your favorite search engine would be one of the smartest things that you could do in order to jump start the amazing vacation that you have worked so hard to bring into your life. It is very common for people to struggle all throughout the year and attempt to put money aside so that they are able to see a new part of the world and enjoy experiences that most people will never have the luxury of being able to take in.

If this is something that you have been working toward over the course of the last year, you do not want to become limited by the ideas that you have in your mind at the moment. A common problem that people have when heading to a new part of the world would be that they lack the knowledge of things such as what there is to do in the area or popular destinations that are going to offer a great source of entertainment without costing very much money. If you do not have the benefit of being able to take advantage of learning from the experiences of others that have visited this part of the world, it would be very easy to miss out on all that could come with an amazing vacation such as this.

However, finding the best Places to see in Rovinj would be simply a matter of looking up destinations which are very popular with locals and travelers that have returned here many times over the course of the last few years. When you are looking to give yourself the experience of an amazing vacation, taking in the thoughts of others would be an effective way to accomplish this. It is very likely that a significant amount of time and money has gone into seeing some of the best places in the area when others have traveled in the past. Benefit from this expense through taking the view points of options and bringing your dream trip to look by booking as quick as possible.


Selecting A Hotel In Rovinj

Being asked to handle finding a hotel in Rovinj may not be something that you were ready to take on. However, there are many times in life where our friends or family would ask us to handle things which feel as if they are simply too hard to be able to overcome. No matter how limited you are when it comes to putting travel plans together, you do not have to worry about the possibility of struggling with this task. Instead, you can eliminate much of the work that is involved by spending a bit of time thinking about the things that matter most to you when it is time to compare hotels that exists within the market today. Once you have the knowledge of knowing that something such as quality of customer service is something which you value, you will begin to head in the right direction when it comes to finding the accommodation that is going to make you the happiest. Additionally, you want to stay away from the tendency that people have to simply go with the lowest price in order to free up other areas of their budget that are currently being impacted by a vacation.

While it is very easy to go with something because of the fact that it is cheaper, this is a short sighted way to come to a conclusion. Instead, you want to think about what you are going to get for the money that you are putting into the hotel that you book. Value is all about ensures that you get something which offers a pleasing experience without the high price tag that you would otherwise expect. If you are just beginning the process of attempting to find the right hotel in Rovinj, searching for a superior value is going to be the best way to walk away satisfied. There are some great prices that you would be able to take advantage of through booking online. However, you will need to book your stay today in order to avoid missing out on these very reasonable prices and the savings they offer.