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Advantages of Using Web Analytics

A lot of people are switching to the World Wide Web to make a profitable venture. Low investment, better returns in a short time etc are some of the amazing benefits of being the owner of an online venture. However, some entrepreneurs are able to make the most out of their online venture compared to others. If you wish to be one of these successful entrepreneurs, you may want to use web analytics.

Benefits of web analytics

While many entrepreneurs manage to drive prospects to their website, most of them are not able to retain those customers. In fact, some entrepreneurs witness a decline in prospects with the passage of time. The reason is these businesses do not track their customers and their behavior. You will also find businesses that are not able to make the best from their advertising campaigns. In other words, they harvest low return on their investment. It is possible to do away with these problems by using web analytics in your marketing and promotional strategy.

When you employ web analytics, you get to reap a series of benefits. First of all, you get an opportunity to track the number of visitors coming to your site. You are able to find out the country of origin of visitors, their behavior on your site and the number of visitors converting into customers.

On the basis of this data, you can make necessary changes in your marketing strategies. You also get to know which campaigns are giving better conversions and which campaigns are proving worthless. In accordance with this information, you can modify your ad campaigns and marketing strategies and drive tons of prospective customers with higher conversions for better profitability.


Thus, it gets pretty clear that analytics can be really helpful to any business owner. Better returns, accurate tracking of customers, assistance in shaping marketing strategies etc are some of the perks of using analytics in your online marketing campaigns. This is why many entrepreneurs are using Google analytics to harvest these diverse benefits. Business owners who use web analytics make a prosperous venture online than those who do not use analytics. So make sure you use analytics for the betterment of your online venture.


digital marketing

Necessary Skills in Converting Prospects to Long Term Clients

It is a well known fact that marketing is an essential tool for business survival and growth. Without marketers and the marketing department, there would not be income generation in the organization. With so much depending on the marketing department and the marketers in person, it would be of great benefit for a marketer to be equipped with the skills necessary for converting prospects to long-term clients. This article will give a sneak pick on what you, as a marketer should expect to learn on converting prospects to long-term clients at the inorbit conference.

With the fate of the organization’s growth and future depending on you as the marketer, it would be of great benefit if you familiarize yourself with the following prospect conversion skills. These skills include engaging the prospect at every stage, having a good understanding of your products and what the prospect needs, and rehearsing customer-centered selling skills on a daily basis. Additionally, you need to familiarize yourself with the skill of not depending only on sales and marketing, and taking advantage of online platforms to post content that will boost public knowledge and interest in your products. For instance, when it comes to engaging your prospects at every stage, all you are aiming at doing is building a relationship between you and the prospect, and gaining their trust. Engaging them is not a guarantee that they will convert to clients right away; therefore, it requires a lot of patience and understanding. A good way to engage with your prospect is to target those that are in need of a product or service you can offer. This type of targeting will ensure that you deliver what you promised and that you do it in a satisfactory manner. A priceless piece of advice is to do away with the mentality that a prospect is ready and willing to buy. In other words, you should bear in mind that the prospect may end up not buying anything at all. Engaging them this way will go a long way in converting prospects to long-term clients.

Therefore, as you attend the inorbit conference, be sure that you will leave having gained useful knowledge and skills in converting prospects to clients.

digital marketing

All About inOrbit 2016 Inbound Marketing Conference

They say that there is no end to learning, i.e. one never stops learning in life. Therefore, no matter how good (or bad!) you’re at marketing, there’s always room for improvement! One of the best ways of honing your marketing skills would be to attend marketing conferences. A good conference would fill your mind with a lot of food for thought, great ideas and practical tips which you can incorporate into your business practices. What’s more, you would also come back from the event with a draft plan for changes that could bring about a huge difference in your job or business. Basically, if you attend a worthwhile conference you’d end up feeling as though you’ve cracked the code!

It is important to choose wisely when it comes to marketing conferences because there is a sizeable amount of cheesy and useless conferences out there that are not worth the participation fee at all. Thus, you should do your research in order to find out about worthy conferences to attend. inOrbit Inbound Marketing Conference is one such conference. Regarded as the largest and one of the best inbound conferences in Europe, inOrbit is a knowledge source for marketers. This annual conference is usually a two-day affair focusing specifically on inbound marketing. Owing to the generosity of its sponsors, inOrbit is able to offer tickets at a marginal and affordable rate to the participants, which is a huge plus point as they only pay a fraction of the amount generally charged in case of conferences of this stature and reputation!

Being a very popular conference, the audience of the conference is quite large, usually around 600 people. The best thing about the conference is that it does not just cover a single topic, but rather a vast range of topics, which means there’s something for everyone! Some of the topics to be covered in the upcoming inOrbit 2016 conference are performance advertising, content marketing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, digital analytics, e-commerce marketing, conversion rate optimization and many more.

inOrbit marketing inbound conferences are known to have the hottest lineup of speakers, which is one of the main reasons why they are so well appreciated. inOrbit puts in a lot of effort in trying to rope in the best, most knowledgeable and relevant speakers in order to ensure that the attendees get a great learning experience from attending the conference. There are about sixteen big names lined up for inOrbit 2016; some of them are Balazs Gandera, Hannah Smith, Judith Lweis, Cristian Ignat, etc.

You can count on the inOrbit 2016 conference to provide you with the smartest and most useful insights and information. The conference also touch upon relevant case studies and data (statistics), which is basically the icing on the already fabulous cake! While the inOrbit 2016 marketing conference will take place in March, it is possible to book the tickets from now. In fact, to motivate prospective attendees to come forward and purchase the tickets, inOrbit offers an Early Bird bonus wherein the ticket rates are slashed even further!


Enjoyable Shopping With Adwords Advertising

The role that adword advertising can play in helping your business is something that you should be very excited to be able to learn. The amount of people looking to start a business and make a large amount of money is something that you are likely well aware of. However, this may not stop you from having faith in the idea that offering customers a place to shop would be all that needs to happen in order to get them to spend money at your establishment. In reality, having an operation is not something that makes you unique, this is a false sense of security. When you are focused on giving the customer all of the power to determine the long term success attached to your business, you may be making a mistake that continues to haunt you in the future. Instead, you want to make an effort to take advantage of each and every tool at your disposal today.

One of the most common problems that any business owner is going to fall victim to would be a tendency to fade into the crowd. It is very important that you are always looking for ways to stand apart from other options that customers may have an interest in. The most effective way to function as an alternative that customers continue to consider would be to ensure that adwords advertising would be a part of the content which makes up the experience you are providing on your website.

When someone enters your web address into their browser, they are doing so in the hopes of being able to quickly be able to find exactly what they are searching for. Part of meeting this expectation means that you will have to offer a high quality of product at all times. Additionally, making use of adwords advertising would be an effective way to use the search history of a potential customer and connect them with a larger pool of options. When you streamline the shopping experience, this would quickly result in the ability to secure larger profits through an experience people enjoy.