Cheap Flights to Ljubljana and Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country, that is bordered by Adriatic Sea to the west, Hungary to the North East, Croatia to the South East, Italy to the west, and Austria to the North. It is a modern first world country, that sits on the lap of the Alps, making it one of the most scenic countries in the world. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, which is located in the central region of the country. Ljubljana contains one of the three international airports in the country. You can take flights to Ljubljana from most of the European capitals, as well as other major cities of the world.
You can also travel to Slovenia on road from its neighboring countries. Slovenia has a very good road network, that also connects it to the four countries with which it shares it borders. You can fly to the cities that are close to Slovenia, and then from those cities you can take a car or a bus to enter Slovenia. This way you can take a flight, but also then enter Slovenia through its scenic road route. This is a good option when you can’t get flights to Ljubljana or any other city of Slovenia.
Apart from the airport in the capital city of Ljubljana, there are two other airports in Slovenia. One is in the eastern region of country, called the Maribor Edvard Rusjan airport. The third airport is the Portoroz airport that is located in the western part of the country. You can take a flight to any of these three airports. Slovenia has a state airlines, as well as many private airlines. It is seen that flights to Ljubljana using these airlines are pretty cheaper than other flights. There are a number of other tips that can help you get cheaper flights. One is to buy the tickets during weekdays, when there are fewer people traveling. Another is to use local currency to pay for the flights. Do not forget to look for tickets in the local airlines. These airlines often have very good rates as far as flights to Slovenia and Ljubljana are concerned.


Slovenia and Ljubljana Flights

Slovenia is a country in Europe, which borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Adriatic Sea to its west. It is a member of the Schengen area, NATO and European Union. Its capital is the city of Ljubljana. Slovenia is a small country, but due to its geographic location near the Alps, it is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Since it is part of the Schengen Agreement, you do not need to take a special visa to enter Slovenia; your Schengen visa will suffice if you want to enter Slovenia. This also means that you do not need to necessarily enter the country directly if you want to go there. You can take a flight to nearby countries, and then enter Slovenia through land. If you drive your own car, you may have to buy a road tax, which is called a vignette in Slovenia. However, flying to Slovenia is pretty easy. The country has three international airports, which are connected with almost all major European capitals as well as international cities. The major international airport is located in the capital city of Ljubljana. This airport sees about 1.4 million passengers every year, which is quite large for such a small country. Its worthwhile to note that the total population of Slovenia is 2 million. The country is connected to the Adriatic sea by just one district or state. So the majority of the country is landlocked. It has a major airport in the western part of the country, and another international airport in the eastern part of the country too. Portoroz airport is located in the western part of the country, and the airport of Maribor Edvard Rusjan airport is in the eastern Slovenia. You can take a flight to these airports, from international cities as well as from European capitals.

Slovenia is connected with its neighboring countries through a very good network of roads and highways. So you can easily drive into Slovenia from any of its neighboring countries, i.e. Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary. This is interesting because in case you do not get a flight to any of the three international airports of Slovenia, you can easily take a flight to any of the cities that lie close to border with Slovenia, and then take a bus or car into Slovenia. This way you get the best of both worlds – you get to take a flight too, and you get to travel by land too, when going to Slovenia. One of the cities in the neighboring country of Austria that is close to border with Slovenia is Klagenfurt. So you can take a flight to Klagenfurt in Austria, and then drive into Slovenia. Since both the countries are in Schengen Agreement, you do not have to worry about visa, as long as you have a valid visa for Austria. Similarly, the city of Trieste in neighboring Italy is also close to the Slovenian border. You can take a flight into Trieste, and then take a bus or car into Slovenia. Another Italian airport that is close to Slovenia is the Treviso airport, that serves both Treviso as well as Venice. This airport can be reached by a flight, and then you can take a bus or car into Slovenia. We also recommend that you visit the city of Venice which is also nearby. A Croatian airport that is close to Slovenian border is the airport at the city of Pula. This airport is not as large as some other airports, but you may be able to get a flight to Pula, and then take a bus or car to Slovenia.

Whether you are taking a Slovenia flight or a Ljubljana flight, or a flight to some other airport in its neighboring countries, you will wish to take the cheapest flight you can. We have a few tips to help you take the cheapest flights. One of the best tips is to use the services of an agent. They are mostly able to get heavy discounts from airlines, so they do sometimes have some nice cheap tickets up their sleeves. When you are not using the services of an agent, the trick is to do a good search, and find out when can you get the cheapest flights. Normally, weekdays are much cheaper to fly on than weekends. Another thing to do is to be flexible with your travel destination. Since we have already mentioned at least seven airports, three in Slovenia and four in the neighboring countries, you do not have any reason to fly to just one airport. You should check the prices for all the seven destinations we mentioned, and then choose the one that is the lease expensive. This way you have more options when finding the cheapest alternative. Another trick is to check the local airlines when booking a ticket. Many a times the local airlines may have cheaper flights than one of the larger airlines. You may have to pay in the local currency, but as long as it is cheaper to do so, it should be the favored way to book a ticket if you want a cheaper ticket. Ljubljana flights are also easy to find because Slovenia has a national air carrier, as well as many smaller private airlines. So you could be able to find a direct flight to Ljubljana through any of such carriers. If not, you should be able to get a flight to any of the neighboring cities that we mentioned. In either case, you have a lot of choices when it comes to landing in Slovenia. You can land directly in Slovenia, or take a flight to the airports near to it, and then drive into the country. Slovenia is a great picture stamp of a country, nestled in the center of Europe, and connected to the Adriatic Sea with a small coast. It is sure to win your heart if you give it a chance. Stay a few days, and we are sure that you will definitely enjoy your stay a lot.


Traveling to the Berlin Area

Taking a trip abroad can be one of the best ways to explore new lands and areas either alone, with family or with some friends. One problem that a lot of people often have when they are planning a trip is that they have issues booking the berlin ljubljana flights and making sure that everything is ready and set for them when they are ready to go. This is why you need to make sure that you book your flight ahead of time and know that you have it available to you when the time comes to travel.

It is so important that you also look at the prices of berlin ljubljana flights just because of the fact that things can get expensive very quickly if you are not too careful. Many people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just to take a trip around the world on this can be an issue for somebody who might be on a budget. Instead of always putting off traveling because of the price, you might want to just look for prices that you can afford and that you know will get you to your destination. By planning ahead of time, you will definitely be able to save money on your flight and any other type of trip that you are looking to take.

The most important thing for you to do is to take price and timing into consideration when you are planning your trip. You don’t want to leave it till last minute to make all of the plans because you will be spending a lot more money than you might otherwise have had if you planned ahead of time. There are a lot of web sites online that can get you great and affordable flights that you will find to be ideal for your next trip. It is time for you to take a relaxing trip to an area of broad, but it is not time for you to spend a ton of money just to be able to do this either alone or with your family by your side who might be coming on the trip with you.


Ljubljana Airport Offers True Cheap Flights in and out of Slovenia

The good word in Europe with Slovenia as a European Union (EU) member is cheap flights to Ljubljana Airport. In fact, the nation’s popular “Adria Airways” is now trending online in the EU with some of the best flight deals on the continent. This famed airport is the pride of Slovenia’s capital with its many colorful cafes and shops; while the dollar goes far in this nation that is credited with having the lowest price for airline tickets in Europe today. The airport is often featured online and on the EU website for featuring some of the lowest costs for air travel in Europe and Asia; while this civil airport offers all the amenities that one would expect when traveling in the EU.

Great deals at Adria Airways

The fact that more than 1.5 million visitors have passed through Ljubljana Airport thus far in 2016 is a testament to the redevelopment plan for the airport’s passenger terminal and overall expansion that is second to none in the EU today. For instance, Slovenia’s civil airport boasts great deals on flights because it is wide open for EU airline competition. This translates to Adria Airways not only enjoying modern and fully high-tech Ljubljana Airport as the airlines “hub,” but also for growth that has made Adria one of the most reasonably priced airlines in both Europe and Asia.

Ljubljana Airport flight deals trending online

While Slovenia’s national airport is credited with being fully safe and secure for all international and local EU flights, the airport’s great ticket deals are trending online because they are so low and reasonable, say EU travelers commenting online. Meanwhile, the airport’s new terminals and departure lounge are featured in various EU member state publications and websites because of the great value in traveling by air via Ljubljana Airport on is popular Adria Airways. In addition, the airport offers great deals on long-term parking, dining, shopping and regional accommodations in the colorful and friendly airport community of Brnik.

Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy great deals on flights to and from Slovenia via its modern Ljubljana Airport and the popular Adria Airways.


Student Events in Ljubljana – Slovenia

There are a lot of events Ljubljana can offer to students in the spring. The 28th International Druga Godba Festival is being held from 8th to the 26th of May this year, and has been listed by the British magazine Songline as the 25th best outdoor music festival in the world. The lineup for this year will feature artists from Columbia, South Korea, Turkey, Finland and Belize, as well as those from other countries.


Some other events that will be held at the same time as this festival are the Extinct Giants of the Sea Exhibit, at the Volcji Potok Arboretum until June 25th. The UEFA European Under-17 Championship will be taking place in Ljubljana from May 4th to May 16th.  There will also be a photography exhibit by Steve McCurry, one of the world’s most famous photographers, on display in Ljubljana Castle until June 17th. Finally, all of Ljubljana’s art galleries and museums will offer free admission on the 18th of May, in honor of International Museum Day.


There are many free outdoor events Ljubljana will be offering in the summertime. The Trnfest is a famous international art festival that will run from July 31st to September 2nd this year. There is also the Mini Summer International Puppet Festival, the Nights in Ljubljana Old Town Festival, and the Emona Promenade Festival, which will run until the 2nd of September.


Other events Ljubljana will offer for the month of September are the Lutke International Puppet Festival, the Young Lions International Theatre and Dance Festival, and the well-known Ljubljana Festival, which will run from June 20th to September 13th. Nazareth and Wishbone Ash will also be performing in Ljubljana on 20th of September.


Getting around Ljubljana is very easy. Many of the pubs cater to students, and several of them are within walking distance of each other. There are also many beautiful restaurants and cafes to choose from in this historic city. Take a tour the city by bicycle. Renting from Ljubljana Bike is very reasonable, and someone with a Ljubljana Tourist Card can get 4 free rental hours. There is also a free walking tour that is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Tips On Booking A Hotel In Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a fascinating city with many touristic sites that one will not soon forget. There are many hotels in the city to choose from but those who want a truly unforgettable stay in the city should find a boutique or luxury hotel in Ljubljana. Such a hotel will not only offer a place to sleep at night but many amenities that will make one’s stay enjoyable and pleasurable.

A boutique hotel in Ljubljana will have a pool, sauna, gym, beautiful gardens, a bar and a restaurant that serves top of the line food. Other services include laundry, wake up calls, front desk arrangements for transport around the city and even a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport.

A person who is planning on visiting Ljubljana should book a luxury hotel as far in advance as possible. Doing so will enable one to get the room of his or her choice and take advantage of early booking discounts that many such hotels offer. One can also get a good deal by making the booking along with the purchase of the airline ticket. Many online ticket websites allow one to not only purchase the ticket and accommodations at the same time but also offer discounts for those who do so.

When choosing a luxury hotel in Ljubljana, one should find out more about the hotel, its locations, services and amenities. While each luxury hotel has top of the line features, the exact amenities vary from place to place. Taking the time to find the right place to stay in the city will ensure that a person can enjoy his or her stay, regardless of the reason for visiting this touristic city.

Attractions Hotels

Outside Your Hotel in Ljubljana – Cinema

LjubljanaAfter a lot of walking and touring, swimming or maybe even skiing. Don’t feel terrible if you feel like you just want to kick up your feet, relax with a drink of your choice, and watch some TV in your hotel in Ljubljana.

To some people this may tie knots in the very pit of their stomach, and ok there are many types of people in the world. Maybe heading to a cinema would serve the purpose and still satisfy that mentality of ours? Ok, it’s a loop hole in the rules of “I don’t watch TV cause I am such a healthy and active person, I just don’t have time” but hey, lets get you out of that hotel in Ljubljana and take a look anyway.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the cinema in Ljubljana appeared for the first time. After World War Two the Cinema Company of Ljubljana (later named Ljubljana Cinematographers) was established. Unfortunately, most cinemas in Ljubljana closed after the invent of the television, video and later the Internet. But you will find a huge complex in Kolosej in the BTC City. Twelve screens, including IMAX 3D. This is the place to get your ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ fix.

If you’re more of an art-house fan, Kinodvor is where it’s at. With art movies, which are usually accompanied with events.

So untie those knots in your stomach, step out of that hotel in Ljubljana, and get your TV fix. I wont tell anyone.

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