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The Importance and Value of Web Analytics

To be clear, web analytics study the impact on how a website affects its online users. Website publishers and ecommerce companies use Web analytics software in order to measure details such as how many visit their site, how many were new visitors, what brought them to the site, what keywords they used, how long they stayed on the site and when they left the site. Web analytics is essential because when you know what your customers want and how to provide it, it can make the difference in staying ahead or falling behind. There are certain tips that help when researching and applying web analytics and they are: focusing on objectives, evaluating the acquisition strategy, fixing what is broken, finding out what makes the most money, looking carefully at the search strategy, evaluating the marketing budget and finding out if the current buyers are being helped as they should.

Such tools can be effective and increase your base knowledge on those who use your website. Keep in mind; there are three essential ways web analytics can help such as measurement, collection and reporting. Measurement monitors information about your users, while collection records visits, traffic sources and the recording of page reviews. Reporting is information on you site that is summarized and displayed on an analytics dashboard. Most importantly, web analytics can help you make more informed and better decisions; which can give you a better understanding of those who visit your site, provide you the opportunity to make changes that will improve your customers’ experience and lead to sales, leads or conversions.

In addition, there are key metrics that will help you understand key components of your website and they are: average time on site, bounce/exit rates, pages, visitor, contact form submissions and social sources. To conclude, the importance of web analytics is essential to any website because it allows you to find out how your site is doing. To keep your site up-to-date and relevant, web analytics must be carefully applied and maintained on a regular basis. Find out more about web analytics today and enjoy the results! Time spent with web analytics is time well spent!

digital marketing

Importance of Web Analytics

With the arrival of the Internet, many businesses are staging a website to draw customers towards their venture. All businesses employ organic search strategies, pay per click campaigns and social media advertising to win customers. However, some businesses are able to make the best from all these marketing strategies. These businesses use web analytics for the betterment of their strategies. If you do not use analytics, you may want to get familiar with the benefits of analytics and use them for the success of your venture.

Why use web analytics

Many folks who employ effective marketing strategies do not feel the need to use analytics. They think employing analytics is just a waste of time. However, this is certainly not the truth. In fact, analytics offer a series of benefits for the betterment of your marketing campaigns. First of all, web analytics let you know the number of visitors your site receives each day. They also inform you the location of visitors who are visiting your site. You can tap this information and make necessary changes in your strategies to retain those customers.

Also, web analytics allow you to know the source of traffic. They tell you which traffic source is generating more traffic and which source is driving less than desired number of visitors. On the basis of this vital information, you can work on weak strategies and get more traffic and visitors from the weak source. This in turn increases the rate of conversion from each traffic source while allowing you to enjoy higher sales and subsequently better profits. Above all, analytics help to determine the return on investment (ROI) from each marketing strategy so that you may optimize each strategy and ensure higher ROI.

Concluding words

Making a successful venture on the net is undoubtedly a chore due to stiff competition. You need to monitor your marketing campaigns and make suitable adjustments for betterment. It is here web analytics turn out to be helpful. By keeping track of various marketing strategies with analytics, you can make suitable amendments in your advertising strategies and get more and more customers while enhancing your return on investment. On account of these reasons, it is advised to use analytics to ensure a prosperous venture online.


Some of the Best Web Analytics Tools

Some of the Best Web Analytics Tools

Web analytics can be defined as the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from your competitor’s website and your website. Below are some of web analytics tools.

Google analytics
It is a free service that helps generate detailed statistics about people who visit your website. It is the simplest analytic that offers wed analytics. There are over 50 per cent of the top websites in the world that use it. According to the sites usage statistics you can identify where your visitors originate from, what they were doing on your website and how many times they came back and other statistics. In a research conducted Google analytics was the favourite of all the web analytics.

Yahoo Web Analytic
If you have mastered the Google analytics it will be easier using yahoo web analytics, its offerings gives a little more details on your surveying. It offers a simpler way of approaching multi-site analytics and a better control option, real and raw data collection, demographic behaviours and other customised options. This tool is a bit of a setup from Google in terms of customization, filtering and profiling, so it is helpful for those who intend to dig deeper.

Crazy egg
It costs $9-$99 per month, it will allow you to build a track and a heat map to keep track of your visitors every click which is based on where they are clicking from. You get to know the place your visitors are hence exploring your websites usability to your clients. It helps you to improve the design of your website. The setup is simple and you get to receive your 30 days money back to your account.

The prices of complete vary. It is known for publishing the number of worldwide visitors to the websites top million websites. Compete is a complimentary tool to analytics offerings. It offers you a creative intelligence to know what your competitors are doing or how your visitors ended up in your website. This and the other tools help you control and manage your website activities for a better performance