Ski carving technique – Body position

Ski carving technique When a skier has already gained some level of knowledge, the next big step is to learn the ski carving technique. This is the most commonly used technique in skiing and once you try it, you can see the reasons for its popularity. So if you believe that you have learned all the basics when it comes to skiing, try the ski carving technique, since the level of difficulty is not very high. To get you started, here are some tips for positioning your body.

Ski carving?

The concept of the ski carving technique originated in the 1980s in Alpine snowboarding in Europe. As soon as the ski industry picked it up, skiers began to love it. But because it is such a new technique, many skiers continue to make the most basic mistakes when it comes to the ski carving technique. And one of the most common mistakes is the way a skier positions his or her body when executing the ski carving technique.

Body positioning

The ski carving technique is all about moving your body in a harmonized way. This means that the knees, hips, feet and in some way even the shoulders move together. This is the first part where skier make mistakes since they do not put their knees together enough or keep them too far apart. It is very important to focus on the key areas of your body used in the ski carving technique in order to ensure a smooth carving turn.

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