Face recognition doors

How to ensure the best possible safety while still allowing convenient entry and exit? One of the possibilities is to use special doors that have advanced locking mechanisms. Traditional keys and locks have become a liability – keys can be lost, stolen, or copied, and the locks can be picked or simply destroyed. There are better options available, for example face recognition doors that work great in every situation that calls for extra security. Of course, it’s not all about the technology. Face recognition doors will only work with a combination of functionality, the sensors and cameras are only one aspect of the whole system. The locking mechanism still works in much the same way as the traditional locks, except it doesn’t require a key. Indeed, face recognition doors can have a completely normal lock that is used with a face recognition unlocking mechanism instead of a key. Of course, we usually use advanced locking mechanisms in combination with face recognition, so the safety aspect is brought up a notch in every way.

Face recognition doors

Safety of face recognition doors

How do face recognition doors actually work? There are several different options, but the most secure mechanisms employ sensors that scan the face and decide if the face matches the one stored as an authenticated user. The sensors are not cameras and don’t work by comparing images, so it’s not possible to cheat the face recognition doors with a photo or even a video. Maybe a lifelike animated 3D model would work, but it would have to be extremely detailed, much more than possible without some very advanced equipment and dedicated work. For all intents and purposes, face recognition doorscan’t be cheated. The sensors measure the shape of the head and compare the distances of many key points to determine the person waiting at the door.

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