Cheap Flights to Ljubljana and Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country, that is bordered by Adriatic Sea to the west, Hungary to the North East, Croatia to the South East, Italy to the west, and Austria to the North. It is a modern first world country, that sits on the lap of the Alps, making it one of the most scenic countries in the world. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, which is located in the central region of the country. Ljubljana contains one of the three international airports in the country. You can take flights to Ljubljana from most of the European capitals, as well as other major cities of the world.
You can also travel to Slovenia on road from its neighboring countries. Slovenia has a very good road network, that also connects it to the four countries with which it shares it borders. You can fly to the cities that are close to Slovenia, and then from those cities you can take a car or a bus to enter Slovenia. This way you can take a flight, but also then enter Slovenia through its scenic road route. This is a good option when you can’t get flights to Ljubljana or any other city of Slovenia.
Apart from the airport in the capital city of Ljubljana, there are two other airports in Slovenia. One is in the eastern region of country, called the Maribor Edvard Rusjan airport. The third airport is the Portoroz airport that is located in the western part of the country. You can take a flight to any of these three airports. Slovenia has a state airlines, as well as many private airlines. It is seen that flights to Ljubljana using these airlines are pretty cheaper than other flights. There are a number of other tips that can help you get cheaper flights. One is to buy the tickets during weekdays, when there are fewer people traveling. Another is to use local currency to pay for the flights. Do not forget to look for tickets in the local airlines. These airlines often have very good rates as far as flights to Slovenia and Ljubljana are concerned.

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