Best ski resorts in Austria

While hardcore skiers flock to France or Andorra or Bulgaria in order to have a blast skiing, people often do not realize that there is a location which is simply a ski lover’s paradise: Austria! This is a fantastic destination for those who love skiing because of the abundance of ski resorts. A ski resort is defined as a resort located in a mountainous area that has been developed for the purpose of facilitating snowboarding, skiing and other kinds of winter sports. Visiting these ski resorts is a mini-vacation in itself because these are generally located far away from the town and city. Also referred to as ski stations, there are plenty of ski resorts to choose from in Austria. Some of the top ski resorts in Austria are as follows:

For beginners or those who are still not very good at skiing, it would be best to head to Westendorf in Tyrol. This ski resort or rather ski village does not have too many crowds and pistes, which makes it ideal for beginners. Instead of the drag lift, this resort offers chair lifts which are a hundred times better than the former because the chances of falling off the lift are less! When you are not skiing, you can observe the day-to-day lives of Austrians in the areas surrounding the ski resort.

Filzmoos in Salzburg, Austria is the perfect destination for family visits. The ski resort is easily one of the best ski resorts in Austria because of its picturesque location, delicious food and impeccable services. The resort is suitable for the entire family, it has nursery slopes for teenagers and young children and slightly more challenging pistes for adult skiers.

If you want to go skiing with a special someone only then Alpbach is the place to be. This ski resort is famed as the most beautiful village in Tyrol. Even though there are only two slopes in this village, Alpbach is perfect for lovers because its landscape is simply so romantic! You can also go for a sleigh ride with your partner if you want a change from skiing.

For experienced skiers who like their pistes more challenging, Galtur in Austria is the place to be! Located in the Silvretta Mountains, this place has fantasy valleys for skiing. One would also find a lot of long touring routes here. There are also many places to chill out here including cozy Alpine bars and restaurants.

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