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Are Web Analytics Effective?

Web Analytics is one of the newest forms of data assessment in the world. Almost every business that advertises on the internet now uses it. The most commonly used form of analytics is Google analytics. The service basically acts as an information dashboard for your marketing department. They can use it to see how ads are performing and what demographics they are doing well with. It basically gives you every information needed to ascertain how well a website is performing.

There are many different forms of this service. The commonly used is by far Google analytics. Clients of the company use them to tell how many people are visiting their site. You can find out what percentage of them is a returning visitor to the site. It can even tell you what brought them there in the first place. This can help you determine which advertising to keep paying into and which ones you can eliminate. It also shows where you might want to put a little extra funding when it comes to your website. There is no reason to keep paying for a service that isn’t effective. Analytics helps you determine just which services those are so you can effectively eliminate them.

Of course, if you own a small business, you probably aren’t an expert on web metrics and how to apply them to your company. Google understands this which is why they offer their analytics dashboard to all of their customers. Google is the most popular analytics service to be used. This makes sense since the company also has the most popular search engine in the world. There is almost nothing Google can’t do when it comes to helping your drive traffic to your site and helping you streamline and improve that traffic once it has started.

If you aren’t using¬†web analytics, you should start as soon as possible. It is a sound marketing investment for any company website. Not only does the company give you the information you need to make vital marketing decisions, it also can help you analyze that information if you are new to analytics.


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