Winter Camping in Rovinj

Rovinj, Croatia is a great place to go camping. In the summer season, the city is packed with tourists from all over the world. In fact, you will find campers setting up their tents on beaches, roadsides, and in park areas. However, winter is a great time to visit the city as well. Winter camping may not seem desirable but it can be a great experience in the beautiful city of Rovinj

Preparing For Your Winter Camping Trip
1. Croatia is incredibly safe but do try not to travel alone. If you are not used to winter camping, we do urge you to take an experience friend with you.
2. Always check the weather forecast while traveling. Make sure you also check road and trail conditions as well. Try to avoid avalanche areas too.
3. Carry layers of clothing to prepare for the weather. We recommend you carry wear three different layers at all time. Start with a base layer of thermal underwear. Cover it with a middle layer that will act as an insulator and finally, cover up with an outer layer or windproof shell.
4. Remember to dry out your sleeping bag in the morning by turning it inside out. Choose bags with a black interior as it absorbs solar energy and dries out much faster than other bags.
5. If you are hiking or biking, make sure you cover all exposed areas with Vaseline to prevent chapping, windburn, and frostbite.

When To Travel For Your Winter Camping Trip
As Rovinj is located on the Mediterranean coast, it enjoys rains in the winter. Average summer temperatures may range from 4.8 °C in January to 22.3 °C in July. From May to September, the city receives about ten hours of sunlight everyday and rainfall is common. However, September to January is a wonderfully chilly time but it is perfect for winter camping. Rovinj offers a range of activities like winter hiking, Nordic walks, bike tours, music festivals, food festivals, workshops, winter sports and excursions in and around Istria. We recommend you use an expert website like to find a good winter camping site with great amenities to keep you occupied.



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Major Attractions to Vrsar

Tradition and culture is a major tourist attraction all over the world. The Vrsar Porto fest is an event that is organized to ensure that the culture and the traditions of Vrsar are preserved. This is one of the most interesting events that you have to attend in Vrsar. In essence the event aims at creativity and innovation while at the same time preserving the traditions of this coastal town. Well, if you are not a fan of such events, you may as well visit the beaches that line up the coastal town. You may engage in several beach games with friends and family. You may also go swimming in the cool ocean waters. Water sports are also something that can keep you busy while on your vacation or trip.

The water park that is situated around four kilometers from Vrsar is also a nice place to visit. Besides being one of the largest aqua parks in south east Europe, it has a variety of sites that will be interesting to you and your travel group. The kids can play all day in the pools, the slides or even have some quality food from the restaurants as you have fun elsewhere. The relax zone will ensure that you leave the venue feeling fully relaxed. Besides it is friendly for people of all ages. The Lim canal is quite an attraction site that will ensure you have an adventure of your life. Besides the environment being preserved in its natural sense, the 11km stretch has been described as paradise by some of the visitors.

For the bike enthusiasts, you can enjoy a ride on the naturally preserved bike trails. These vary in nature especially due to differences in the level of expertise required to tackle them. The Vrsar bike trails will enable you to see different scenic places along the bike trails. You may also sign up for different bike events and participate alongside other enthusiasts. There are also mini-golf courses for the golf enthusiasts. Volleyball, tennis, basketball, football and bowling are also sports you can engage in. you may also go diving or surfing in Vrsar to keep yourself busy on your trip.