Ski carving

The ski carving technique is the most popular technique among skiers. Even beginners can start to learn the basics of the ski carving technique very soon. It is a technique that can be use on different surfaces and it is guaranteed to bring you the most excitement out of your skiing experience.

The ski carving technique originated in the Alpine Snowboarding in Europe in the second part of the 1980s. That was when the parabolic skis where developed by Jurij Franko in the Slovenian ski producing company Elan. He calculated a suitable flex pattern for a new kind of skis with his colleague Pavel Skofic. This meant the start of the ski carving technique that began to develop.

It’s all in the skis
The ski carving technique is possible because of the way the skis are designed. Their width is greater at the ends than in the middle. This gives it the ability to bend in the direction of the edge towards which the skier has shifted his or her weight. This means that the wider ends and the narrower middle will remain in contact with the snow.

SkiingWhat to do?
As a beginner, it is best to start practicing the ski carving technique on ground that is mostly flat or has only a slight incline. This means that the skier beginner will be able to master the basics of the ski carving technique at a much slower speed. When first learning the ski carving technique, you must keep your knees bent and your upper body should remain upright while transferring your weight from one side to the other.



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