Tips On Booking A Hotel In Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a fascinating city with many touristic sites that one will not soon forget. There are many hotels in the city to choose from but those who want a truly unforgettable stay in the city should find a boutique or luxury hotel in Ljubljana. Such a hotel will not only offer a place to sleep at night but many amenities that will make one’s stay enjoyable and pleasurable.

A boutique hotel in Ljubljana will have a pool, sauna, gym, beautiful gardens, a bar and a restaurant that serves top of the line food. Other services include laundry, wake up calls, front desk arrangements for transport around the city and even a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport.

A person who is planning on visiting Ljubljana should book a luxury hotel as far in advance as possible. Doing so will enable one to get the room of his or her choice and take advantage of early booking discounts that many such hotels offer. One can also get a good deal by making the booking along with the purchase of the airline ticket. Many online ticket websites allow one to not only purchase the ticket and accommodations at the same time but also offer discounts for those who do so.

When choosing a luxury hotel in Ljubljana, one should find out more about the hotel, its locations, services and amenities. While each luxury hotel has top of the line features, the exact amenities vary from place to place. Taking the time to find the right place to stay in the city will ensure that a person can enjoy his or her stay, regardless of the reason for visiting this touristic city.

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The Finest Hotel In Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a popular destination due its beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and historic atmosphere. If you are staying in the city and want the most luxurious hotel in Ljubljana, there is no better choice than the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa Ljubljana – This hotel is wonderful for a variety of reasons.

First are the rooms themselves. You can stay in one of 13 different gorgeous suites, which all include a double bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Select suites even include a hot tub and your own private patio. Rooms are clean and spacious and include modern and comfortable furniture. Take advantage of features such as 24 room room service, wake up calls, free wi-fi, and more. Rooms are ideal for business travelers, families on vacation, or couples seeking a romantic getaway.

There are many amenities to enjoy. You may wish to use the spa where you can get a relaxing massage or soothing facial. You can take advantage of the sauna or stay in shape with the on-site fitness center. There are even personal trainers there to help you get the best out of your workout. Unwind in the evening by having a drink at one of the two lounge bars, both offering an excellent selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

If you have any questions, the 24 hour concierge will be glad to assist you. They can make suggestions on excellent things to do in the area. The hotel is located in a quiet and reserved part of the city, but is still close to many great activities. Within walking distance you will find museums, fine boutiques, cafes, and the scenic Ljubljana river. On Sunday, you may wish to visit the nearby local market. Book your reservation today, and enjoy your luxurious stay at the finest hotel in Ljubljana.

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Escaping from your Hotels In Ljubljana!

Ljubljana CastleAt first glance looking out the window of your hotels in Ljubljana, you probably would think, as did I “Wow, what a quaint laid back little city this is”.

You took a stroll around checking out the numerous cafes and bars along the river, including my favourites Bikofe and Tozd. Took in the surrounding scenery like the three bridges, castle and squares. And now you are all set to head back to your hotel to maybe have a siesta? Well guess again. There are heaps of activities in Slovenia that really take advantage of the many surrounding rivers and mountains.

Canoeing is huge in Slovenia, maybe give this a go? Slovenia held the ICF Canoe slalom World Championships in 1955, 1991 and 2010. Located on a Polygon on the Sava, eight kilometres northwest of the city centre, is the Tacen White Water Course. This is a great place to watch local Slovenians practice and might inspire you to look up a local tour offering canoeing along the rivers outside of Ljubljana.

Looking out your windows of those hotels in Slovenia, is it winter? Well then skiing could be on your list. 600 metres long, two ski lifts and five ski jumping hills! If this excites you, head to Gunclje in the northwestern part of the city. This is where even the Slovenian Olympic and World Cup medalists train.

OK, so this is only two and there are many more outdoor activities that thrive in Ljubljana’s surrounding villages. Hopefully this article has enticed you enough to jump on the web within those hotels in Ljubljana and escape for a hike, paddle or ski in a distant village!


Ski carving technique – Body position

Ski carving technique When a skier has already gained some level of knowledge, the next big step is to learn the ski carving technique. This is the most commonly used technique in skiing and once you try it, you can see the reasons for its popularity. So if you believe that you have learned all the basics when it comes to skiing, try the ski carving technique, since the level of difficulty is not very high. To get you started, here are some tips for positioning your body.

Ski carving?

The concept of the ski carving technique originated in the 1980s in Alpine snowboarding in Europe. As soon as the ski industry picked it up, skiers began to love it. But because it is such a new technique, many skiers continue to make the most basic mistakes when it comes to the ski carving technique. And one of the most common mistakes is the way a skier positions his or her body when executing the ski carving technique.

Body positioning

The ski carving technique is all about moving your body in a harmonized way. This means that the knees, hips, feet and in some way even the shoulders move together. This is the first part where skier make mistakes since they do not put their knees together enough or keep them too far apart. It is very important to focus on the key areas of your body used in the ski carving technique in order to ensure a smooth carving turn.

More about learning ski carving technique:

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Outside Your Hotel in Ljubljana – Cinema

LjubljanaAfter a lot of walking and touring, swimming or maybe even skiing. Don’t feel terrible if you feel like you just want to kick up your feet, relax with a drink of your choice, and watch some TV in your hotel in Ljubljana.

To some people this may tie knots in the very pit of their stomach, and ok there are many types of people in the world. Maybe heading to a cinema would serve the purpose and still satisfy that mentality of ours? Ok, it’s a loop hole in the rules of “I don’t watch TV cause I am such a healthy and active person, I just don’t have time” but hey, lets get you out of that hotel in Ljubljana and take a look anyway.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the cinema in Ljubljana appeared for the first time. After World War Two the Cinema Company of Ljubljana (later named Ljubljana Cinematographers) was established. Unfortunately, most cinemas in Ljubljana closed after the invent of the television, video and later the Internet. But you will find a huge complex in Kolosej in the BTC City. Twelve screens, including IMAX 3D. This is the place to get your ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ fix.

If you’re more of an art-house fan, Kinodvor is where it’s at. With art movies, which are usually accompanied with events.

So untie those knots in your stomach, step out of that hotel in Ljubljana, and get your TV fix. I wont tell anyone.

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